Sunday, 6 December 2009

Remaining Stock List

Well today was the last market of the season for us today and we have a small quantity of produce left. So rather than hold it over till Februray we thought we'd post a list so you can see whats left. Should you wish to purchase any of the items below just send us an e-mail to and we can arrange a time for you to collect your produce.

4 x Seedless Apple & Blackberry Jam - £2.10
4 x Prune Chutney (Great with cheese) - £1.90
2 x Orange Marmalade - £2.20
2 x Blackberry Jam - £2.00
4 x Cinnamon & Crabapple Marmalade (with Christmas fabric tops) - £2.30
4 x Pink Grape Jelly - £1.50
1 x Gift basket containing a mini Blackberry Jam, Mini Elderberry Jelly & 2 sachets of tea £2.50
2 x bags of 1/2 lb of Fresh French Walnuts - 80p
4 x Tarte Aux Pomme Normande (now frozen - collect from Billericay) - £3.50

This list will be updated to show recent sales.

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